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Santana Commercial Cleaning is a locally owned and operated company whose objective is to make a significant impact on the janitorial industry by providing a cleaning service you can trust and consistent quality you can count on. Maria Santana, CEO and founder of the company shares:

“Cleaning to me is more than that just a business it is an Art, I want each and every one of my clients to walk into a sparkling clean, safe environment feeling healthier, happier and ready for their customers, clients and staff to enjoy. Cleaning is my passion and it means everything to me.”

Santana Cleaning understands that success is not given; it is earned. By consistently delivering quality, innovation and integrity, we will outperform the competition. Our reputation is everything; which drives us to provide superior service. Santana Cleaning recognizes that in order to maintain a competitive edge in the service industry we must deliver consistent and quality service that will provide a clean and comfortable environment for our customers. It is our commitment to uphold our motto “Perfecting the Art of Clean” by providing our customers with quality and efficient cleaning solutions to their facility small or large. We strive daily to support and achieve a safe, clean and positive environment, and we master the art of cleaning to keep your property immaculate spotless and shiny.

Maria Santana’s Background:

Maria’s background is in the Semiconductor/Electronics Manufacture industry, and Healthcare field. Maria has been working for 16 years in the Healthcare field as a Behavioral Health Technician. She worked 15 years in the Semiconductor/Electronics Manufacture clean room  as a Quality Assurance Technician, and other positions that she has held in the electronics field.

Maria went to DeVry University for two years and a half persuading her BS in Computer Engineering. She is working/worked for great companies like: Banner Behavioral Health, Intel, Microchip, Zero Defects, Micron Technology, Hexcel.

Working and growing up in a clean room environment, made for Maria to have the desire to help other people and share with them her experience in the Green Cleaning non-toxic environment services.

Maria believes in helping other people to live in a purer healthy environment, will make the difference in their lives.

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